Blair Castle

Blair Castle is at the heart of a historic landscape which was laid out in the 18th century and features an impressive walled garden, an extensive wooded grove, Peacocks roaming freely in the gardens, red squirrels, grazing highland cattle, a ruined kirk, a red deer park and a whimsical Gothic folly.

Over 19 generations, the Stewarts and Murrays of Atholl all in one way or another, left their mark on Blair Castle. Largely built in the 15th century, the clock tower & the south-east range were rebuilt after a fire in 1814. The castle arrived at it’s present form in the 1870s. Open to the public in 1936, its many rooms feature important collections of weapons, hunting trophies, paintings, furniture, and needlework collected by the Murray family over many generations.

The castle provides the garrison for the Atholl Highlanders, the private army of the Duke of Atholl, noted as the only legal private army in Europe.