Drum Castle

The sweep of 700 years of history is stamped into Drum Castle’s stalwart battlements, medieval square tower and sprawling extensions. Though the stoic square tower has stood tall since the 13th century, the Castle was altered greatly by the addition of a large wing was added in 1619 by the 9th laird, and further alterations were made during the Victorian era.

The castle is surrounded by late 18th century gardens, including a truly fabulous walled garden and arboretum containing trees from all regions of the 18th century British Empire. The sprawling ancient oak forest adjoins the castle, providing a sense of continuity through the centuries and a home for red kites, roe deer, red squirrels and badgers.

The castle and grounds were granted to William de Irwyn in 1325 by Robert the Bruce, it remained the possession of Clan Irvine until 1975.