Eden Court

In November 1967 plans for a theatre, restaurant and dance-hall were put forward, lengthy negotiations followed and Eden Court Theatre was formally opened on 15 April 1976.  Built on a site next to the Ness River and adjacent to the gothic Bishop’s Palace.  Eden Court Palace was built in the late 1870s as a gift for the Bishop Eden of Moray, Ross and Caithness and designed to accommodate their large family of 10 children and many servants.

After World War II the upkeep became too great for the Church and in the final years the Bishop could only afford to heat one room! The building was sold in 1947 and used as a residential pre training centre for nurses and then sold again in 1966. The building lay empty for almost a decade and in 1976 it became the offices and dressing rooms for the new theatre complex.

In 2005 Eden Court shut for major refurbishment and construction. It reopened in 2007 with a glass linkway to the Palace.